Md Abdul Halim

Md Abdul Halim

Post-Doctoral Fellow

University of Toronto

Welcome to my biography! Currently, as a Schmidt AI in Science Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto, I work at the intersection of environmental stewardship and cutting-edge technology. Dive into the heart of my work, where I harness the power of deep learning and open-source satellite imagery to map methane emissions point sources with high accuracy in complex urban areas. Given our cities are both the major contributors to and frontline victims of climate change, my research is crucial in crafting climate-resilient urban planning strategies.

My academic journey reached a significant milestone in 2020 when I was awarded a Ph.D. in Biometeorology from the University of Toronto. During this period, I delved into the intricate biogeophysical and biogeochemical dynamics of boreal mixedwood forests, focusing on their recovery post-fire and post-harvest. This exploration laid the groundwork for my current post-doctoral project, which beautifully extends my Ph.D. research to urban ecosystems. Utilizing a blend of remote sensing, GIS, biometeorological and ecophysiological tools, and machine learning, I seek to address the urgent need for "climate-smart" management across diverse ecosystems worldwide.

Before embarking on this academic journey, I earned my B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Forestry from Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh. Following my studies, I dedicated myself to academia as a faculty member at the same university from 2009 to 2023. My journey was marked by a commitment to overcoming resource limitations through the adoption of open-source teaching and learning materials. This experience not only enriched my educational approach but also inspired me to contribute actively to the open-source community.

Driven by a desire to democratize climate research, I co-founded CredoSense Inc., a venture aimed at developing affordable environmental sensor-logger systems. This initiative is a testament to my commitment to making climate research more accessible, especially in regions where they are most needed.

Explore my work and join me in the quest for sustainable, climate-smart solutions that protect our urban and forest ecosystems for generations to come.

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  • Remote sensing & GIS
  • Deep learning
  • Biometeorology
  • Biogeochemistry
  • Forest & urban ecology
  • Global change
  • Affordable environmental sensor-logger systems


  • PhD in Biometeorology, 2020

    University of Toronto

  • MSc in Forestry (Major in Remote Sensing), 2006

    Shahjalal University of Science & Technology

  • BSc in Forestry (Major in Remote Sensing), 2005

    Shahjalal University of Science & Technology